TNT Thrift Shop

🎉🎉It’s that time again! 🎉 🎉

We will be opening up the doors to our thrift shop the first Saturday of every month. Our first one is coming up in March on the 5th! 🍀
This opening is extremely special since it is the first thrift shop since the passing of our sweet boy Cupid. In honor of him we would love to see everyone’s smiling face for our little friend. ♥️
Stay tuned for a new all dog portion of Horse Haven as taking in Cupid has moved our hearts to also taking in and rescuing more dogs that need help! 🐶
We have also taken in FOUR new rescues here at Horse Haven, all needing treatment/rehabilitation so we have been extremely busy and need all the support we can get. There has been a lot of calls coming through our line lately looking to surrender horses, we currently have a waiting list that we are trying to work through and work with other rescues to get these horses into some sort of haven.
If you cannot make our thrift shop, to shop through all the items we have you are always more than welcome to donate on our website all help is extremely appreciated
and much needed to continue to do the work we do for all of these animals 
🐶 🐴 🐐