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All profits from TNT Corporate Catering are donated to TNT Horse Haven which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (status pending) dedicated to the care and safe haven of large animals, primarily horses, who have been neglected, abandoned or abused and are in need of TNT’s special brand of TLC!

About Us

Who We Are & What We Do

We needed catering for an event and soon learned that getting a reliable catering service with quality food at a reasonable price was a near impossibility. We often questioned the cleanliness of food vehicles. So we started TNT Ranch Catering to satisfy the needs of our family and friends. When we realized the greater demand, we assembled a larger team so that others could enjoy the fruits of our labor. We can proudly say our approval inspector at Maricopa County Food Services said ours was the best equipped and cleanest food trailer he had ever seen!

TNT Food Catering touts an executive chef with years of experience preparing and serving fine culinary delights. For private events let our chef develop a custom menu to ensure the success of your event. For standard events rest assured that your food will be supervised by our chef down to the finest detail.

Our company has been in this business since 2015. Our Management team collectively has 30 years’ experience between themselves.

The list of our satisfied clients speaks for itself. We are here to stay, and we aim to be a force in this industry for many years to come!

Mission & Goals

Creating Unforgettable Experiences

Our Mission is serving Culinary Masterpieces to make your events truly unique and memorable. We create a successful and unforgettable experience every time. To do so we provide freshly prepared world class cuisine delivered with quality service at competitive prices to fit every budget.

Our goals are to exceed your expectations, satisfy your guests and earn your repeat business!

TNT Corporate Catering

Custom Crafted Menu Items with Style

We know how demanding setting up an event or a function can be! That is why we at TNT Corporate Catering give each Client personalized service which typically includes our Executive Chef and Executive Director on site at every Event! We serve food fresh, hot and efficiently to minimize waiting and maximize the enjoyment of your guests!

All successful events have 3 important ingredients: the Occasion to celebrate, the Attention to details and the Food that romances the palate. Our Chef has created a variety of hors d’oeuvres, salads, entrees, desserts, side dishes and snacks, all culinary masterpiece’s, from which you can create a memorable meal for your guests. Please note that our main food items come from a respected restaurant supply house and not a wholesale club.

We incorporate Style into every item we serve. The appearance, sensation and taste of the menu items create a unique experience for each event. Simply tell us your preference, the number of guests and the services you want us to provide. We will do the rest!

We take care of all the details including cleanup. We will make your event/function pleasurable and memorable, so that you can just relax and enjoy the experience!

It will be our pleasure to serve your next event/function!

TNT News

News from TNT Catering & TNT Horse Haven


Meet Tess

One of our new Rescues, comes to us from a Tip Trainer of the BLM. She is a mustang… 10-12 years old. We know is that the previous owner abused her, it was all in her face and head, Tess will not let a man near her, that tells us something as well. We have…



Beautiful Ellie looks like a stuffed animal!



I’m a little late on posting…. Last week I pulled up to the ranch to see our amazing volunteer Joe walking Emma around the property for her much needed exercise! I loved seeing this … It was such an amazing feeling to see someone caring for Emma as much as we do!


Sophie and Ellie

The newest additions to TNT Ranch! Little Miss Sophie… my 8-month-old Paint from Arkansas! And Miss Ellie from the BLM… she’s not sure what to think of us yet and she is as stubborn as the saying goes! Carrots and Hay won’t even help! So, to help her adjust to us… we decided to move…



Our Amazing volunteers are at it again!!! Miss Ellie trusts Terry so much that when she walks away… Miss Ellie calls her back. One of my favorite things about Emma and Ellie are when they see Terry and Joe, they start heehawing to get their attention… Miss Emma getting some love from our Volunteer Jeff……


Meet Emma

  Hee-Haw! – Emma is our new donkey.  Her markings are that of a Jesus donkey.  She is 12 years old and very playful and as expected, she is a little stubborn, but we are working on getting her to follow us around without a lead rope.  She really loves attention! We rescued her from…

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