The Before and Afters DO NOT Lie!



In just a month and a half our sweet Jelly has made leaps and bounds with his weight!
The before and afters DO NOT lie!

Jelly has been on a specially formulated diet to ensure he is gaining the correct amount of weight at a timely matter, so often when we see skinny horses we want to throw all the food and grain at them all at once however this can be extremely detrimental to their system and do way more harm than good.

We do mashed pellets/senior, Bermuda hay, alfalfa, equine restart by TechMix Equine, and our FAVORITE gutx by 100X Equine. This product has by far turned jelly around, he isn’t sore in his tummy, he loves brushing now, his coat is amazing, he is absorbing all the nutrients we are putting in and the proof is in the pudding!

We follow the UC davis protocol for refeeding a malnourished horse. That article can be found here: