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Meet Flier

Flier is an Arabian, 24 years old. She was a big racer with a significant win as a young horse.  Like Gunnar she is gentle and rides well.  She is looking for her new adoptive home!


Meet Evvy

Kruetka – Now known as Evvy is a 15-year-old spirted Arabian that has never been fully broken.  She would be a great project horse to finish breaking or a great companion horse.  We have her in the stall with another horse which calms her down so her sweet disposition can be better appreciated.


Emma’s Petting Zoo

TNT Horse Haven has just invited Emma to have her very own Petting Zoo! She has been given 4 Goats with very charming, playful, affectionate and loving personalities! Introducing Thelma and Louise – Both Nigerian Dwarf goats who have adapted and are enjoying their new home with us.  We have a new ‘goat’ pen with…


Visit TNT Horse Haven

We encourage you to visit TNT Horse Haven whether you want to see the petting zoo, ride a horse, take lessons, volunteer some time or make a donation.


Changing the World

“By saving the life of one horse, we may not be changing the world, but we are changing the world for that one horse.” “unknown author”

Meet Sweetie