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8 Arabian Horses

We were called early this morning by an elderly gentleman to help him with his 8 Arabian horses. With his wife passing he was unable to care for them as they used to, these horses have NEVER left this property, some of them haven’t had a halter on in 10+ years so we had our…


We have an EXCITING endeavor coming up!

We have an EXCITING endeavor coming up! We recently received an influx of amazing donations from wonderful horse peeps. We put ALOT to good use but also want to do something for the community while benefiting our wonderful rescue horses! We have come up with a THIFT SHOP idea! We are centrally located in the…


Welcome Brees!

We recently took in this young stud colt out of horrible conditions where he wouldn’t have survived much longer without medical attention💖 This poor guy is underweight, has a nasty infection, pneumonia and has a hard time walking with swollen joints! We are extremely determined to get him on a more promising road 💖 He…


Everyone meet Clive!

Everyone meet Clive! A sweet older gentleman that was in the same home for most of his life but due to unforeseen circumstances he had to be surrendered, and we love him already! We are getting to know Clive, his personality, likes and dislikes and he will be up for adoption very soon! He was…


Our Giveaway is Still Going!

Our giveaway is still going! Even if you don’t have horses consider doing the giveaway and donating these wonderful items back to the horses of the rescue! All plenty of things they can use and would love Yes, you saw that right we are doing a giveaway of some of our personal favorite products for…


Welcome Elsa & Anna

This week we welcomed Elsa and Anna into our Horse Haven family! These two mares were 2 of 3 found half starved and then being sold in this condition. We were able to acquire these two girls who are a bonded pair and get them onto their road to recovery! We don’t know much about…