Meet Mojo

Have you found your MOJO? No, I’m not referring to Austin Powers but rather to our latest addition @TNT Horse Haven Rescue.

Meet Mojo… a local 2 1/2-year-old Arabian stud (soon to be gelded) who came to us from abuse and neglect. I found about this poor boy on Friday the 24th at 11:30 AM… By 5 PM we had him at TNT Ranch. Neglected, extremely underweight! He was confined to a small block stall where he could hardly turn around, emaciated, history of colic, has a skin infection and is pending a vet report for other health issues. A kind neighbor initiated the RESCUE from the owner. There may be other neglected horses to follow from the same facility.

The next morning when I checked on him, he watched me closely. I walked in the turn out, he came right up, showing his relief and gratefulness. With Mojo, it was very easy to earn his trust.

The vet is coming this week for an exam and treatment. This young stud is not safe around female horses and will be gelded. He needs lots of TLC in addition to frequent feedings and supplements. Pending the results of the vet visit we are hopeful he can recover to full health and be ready for adoption. Happily, he is now in a large turn out where he is able to exercise while getting the care he needs. Mojo is accepting visitors and would love to earn a treat from you!

Update- Ready for Adoption! Learn More about Mojo