Ready for Adoption!


Meet Nyx!

Age: 16
Breed: Mustang
Color: Black
Height: 13.3
Experience: Advanced beginner friendly
Limitations: Child or small adult due to size
Health: 100% sound and healthy
Disposition: Sweet, calm, willing
Herd Temperament: Friendly with geldings and mares
Adoption Fee: $2,500


Meet Phoebe!

Age: 10-12
Breed: Morgan/Quarter
Color: Bay
Height: 14.1
Experience: Broke but very spoiled
Limitations: Companion
Health: UTD
Disposition: Spoiled
Herd Temperament: Bossy
Adoption Fee: $500


Meet Mojo!

Age: 4
Breed: Arabian
Color: Bay
Height: 14.3
Experience: Halter/Lead only
Limitations: N/A
Health: Gelded/UTD/Sound
Disposition: Sweet
Herd Temperament: Friendly
Adoption Fee: $1,500