8 Arabian Horses

We were called early this morning by an elderly gentleman to help him with his 8 Arabian horses. With his wife passing he was unable to care for them as they used to, these horses have NEVER left this property, some of them haven’t had a halter on in 10+ years so we had our work cut out for us! This is their first time seeing new people, a trailer, cars, the outside of their walls. All new to them and they were terrified!

What started at 7am this morning ended just a few minutes ago, in 108 degree weather. We could not do this without the help of our volunteers and staff who gave up their Saturday to get these horses to safety and on their way to a better life.

All 8 horses are safe and settled in at the ranch, eating and being hydrated after a long and stressful day. We are also looking for people who would be interested in fostering one of these sweet horses to help us with spacing and one on one time to get them handled. So please PM us if you are able to lend us a hand in fostering ❤️

Although our day is done today, their journey is not over. We need to work with them everyday to get them handled and used to people again, then we address their feet which haven’t seen a farrier in years, then our vet needs to assess their overall health. We cannot continue to rescue and rehab horses like this without the help of our donors. With your help we can get these horses the care they need and on their way to an adopted home and a loving family